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Chef and owner Yann Mastantuono

After his training in his hometown of Marseille and his first experiences in sophisticated kitchens, Yann Mastantuono went to Paris. There he got to know and love bistro cuisine. Above all, as head chef of the restaurant "Le Verre Volé Sur Mer", he refined his technical skills and his knowledge of the regional product world. The former wine shop is considered a pioneer in the field of natural wine, and the kitchen also shows itself to be brash and adventurous. In 2016, Alain Ducasse brought Mastantuono on board - first as chef de partie at the restaurant "Champeaux - Alain Ducasse", then the 3-star chef entrusted him with his restaurant "Aux Lyonnais" in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris as head chef. There, Mastantuono was able to further develop his experience with first-class bistro cuisine and at the same time acquire comprehensive skills for managing a top restaurant. After this intensive period, which brought him recognition in the French gourmet scene itself, he finally wanted to open his own restaurant - in Berlin, for whose exciting gastronomic scene he had become increasingly enthusiastic during numerous visits.

Restaurant manager and artist Dorothée Louise Recker

Dorothée is Yann Mastantuono's life partner and closest collaborator. Born in Norway and a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she made her debut as an artist in Berlin before meeting Yann in France. She joined the project as a matter of course and now assists him as administrative manager and in the day-to-day organization of the restaurant. She has also taken on the design of the interior - from putting together some artworks and old mirrors to creating four of her own large-format oil paintings. "Helping Yann realize his dream isn't just a labor of love," she says, "I know how good a cook he is and I believe in the concept." Like him, she grew up in the south of France, and they also share a love of good food, wine and the French way of life. Dorothée continues her career as an artist in parallel. Her work is represented by Galerie Lætitia Gorsy in Leipzig's Spinnerei and Galerie La Peau de l'Ours in Brussels.

Sous Chef Daphné Valentin

Daphné was there from the beginning. Meeting Yann convinced the young French woman, a longtime Berlin resident, to wait a full year for the restaurant to open so she could join him. After some experience in Berlin kitchens, such as Kink in Prenzlauer Berg, it was a unique opportunity for her to hone her skills in a manageable work environment and become a sous chef alongside an experienced chef who is always willing to share his knowledge.

Sommelière Sarah Auclaire

A former bartender with a passion for wine, Mastan gave her the opportunity to put her inclination into practice. She is currently training to become a sommelier. Sarah comes from Lyon, a popular destination for gourmets in France. She is passionate about Berlin and its exciting wine scene.

Head waiter Yannick Avignon

Yannick is German-French and likes to claim that he combines the best of both: French creativity and German seriousness. He has a soft spot for hosting and service, which he considers not a job but a true passion.