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Chicken and pork terrine with tomato and basil  €8

Bayonne IGP Ham  €12 

Saucisson ibaiama 10

Lomo 10

Ventrèche 6

Burrata, zucchini cream soup, basil 10  

Mussels au gratin with persillade 8   

Cockles marinière with Bayonne ham 10

Piquillos farcical with Basque blood sausage 8

24 months aged Comté cheese  €10 

Taggiasche olives  €2.50





Ratatouille from County of Nice  €12

Rockfish soup, rouille and croûtons  €16

Roasted peppers and marinated sardines  €14



Main courses


Soupe au Pistou  €22 

Stuffed Label Rouge chicke, à la Niçoise, chanterelles mushrooms au jus  €30 

Estouffade of lamb, macaroni gratin 28

Semi-cooked amberjack, broccoli variation and vinaigrette of rockfish soup 32




"Les Epicuriens", assortment of french cheese  €10 

Chocolate terrine, crème anglaise 8

Crème brûlée with pistachios 8

Damson plum clafoutis  €8