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Charcuterie from Eric Ospital:

Ham Ibaiama  €12 

Saucisson Ibaiama  €10 

Coppa Ibaiama  €10 

Air-dried Lomo "Cœur de longe"

Chorizo mild "Cular"  €8  

Air-dried sausage Txirul "Basque flute"  €8 


Zucchini flower fritters  €6 

Panisses with anchovy mayonnaise  €8 

Terrine de campagne (French country pâté)  €14 

"Œufs mayo", bottarga and squid ink  €8 

Roquefort terrine with dried fruit  €10  

Taggiasca olives  €2.50 



Tuna tartare "like a ratatouille"  €14 

Iced zucchini velouté, mozzarella, cherry pickles and savory  €12

Artichokes à la Barigoule  €12 

Veal, half-cooked on the Binchotan grill, roasted peach and rosemary almond milk  €14


Main courses

Octopus carpaccio with roasted peppers, white beans and coriander  €32

Label Rouge chicken stuffed with chanterelles, artichoke and Italian lardo  €32

Ravioles with brousse, spinach, herbs and pine nuts, cold tomato-mint coulis   €28

Beef paunch Moroccan style, chickpeas, lemon confit and fresh herbs  €28



Assortment of french cheese  €10 

Mousse au chocolat "Nicolas Berger Ecuador 75%" and cocoa nibs  €8 

Peach clafoutis  €8 

Strawberries with Chantilly  €8